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IV Infusion Skills Certification


Our IV insertion classes provide instruction in insertion of traditional over the needle cannulas known as peripheral aka "short" intravenous catheters. Instruction includes the insertion procedure, techniques for proper and successful catheter insertions, care, assessment, and maintenance post catheter insertion.

Are you terrible at peripheral intravenous Insertion and need a safe place to train and practice your skills? and ask questions?

Perfect your Peripheral IV skills with us, we are experts in Emergency medicine; Paramedics and Nurses.  
Weather you are taking this class to perfect your skills or for annual recertification we are here to help you.


We have state of the art training arms that have accurate venous anatomy and feels real and gives accurate blood flash back.


IV Certification

  • Peripheral Intravenous Skills Certification course is In person Only and is intended for Care Providers who perform the peripheral IV Cannulation. Didactic practice occurs on human analogs. This course can be delivered annually or as retraining.

  • Course can be delivered 1 on 1 at our office or in a group.

  • Our team of licensed instructors can come to your office location, medical clinic, or hospital to deliver this course, there is a 5 student minimum for onsite classes.

  • IV Skills Program is a 4 hours course with lecture, skills practice exam, and worksheets. 

  • The course covers an in depth review of anatomy and physiology of the venous system, nervous system, intravenous cannulation, legal aspects, aseptic technique, special considerations, contraindications, new technologies, documentation, side effects, complications, and legal considerations of IV cannulation. At the completion of the course students will demonstrate on an IV skills trainer and will be presented with a certificate of completion.

    Use of specific equipment, such iv pumps, central line maintenance, or ultrasound equipment is NOT included in this course.

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